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McPhee Exposed Again

The Caps re-signing of Karl Alzner to a 4 years contract and an average of $2.8 million per season is a fabulous deal.  But it also continues to expose George McPhee and his overall decision making process.  Just a week … Continue reading

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And Out Come The Wolves

And on cue with the Washington Capitals elimination from the Stanley Cup playoffs we finally hear from the hockey media to do their annual takedown of the team and more specifically of Alexander Ovechkin.  Unfortunately they have zeroed in on … Continue reading

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Milbury on Ovechkin – A Dog Eat Dog Criticism

It’s been a while since I’ve written about DC sports here, particularly the Redskins or Caps (my two main teams I follow).  I’m not superstitious about sports and understand that anything I write here is going to have no effect … Continue reading

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The Regression of Alex Ovechkin

While I appreciate the comments on my previous post regarding Alex Ovechkin, I think some of the comments were caught up in the details and not the overarching point I was making.  It was the proverbial circumstance of not seeing the … Continue reading

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Time To Move On From Alex Ovechkin?

Re-hashing who is at fault for the current NHL lockout is well worn territory, especially from people who are far more connected to the people and issues related to the lockout.  I think both sides share in the blame and … Continue reading

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NHL Lockout’s Forgotten Victim

I’ve kinda been apathetic about the now arrived NHL lockout.  I’ve long suspected that the lockout was coming and was going to last through the remainder of this calendar year.  I can already see the headline, “NHL returns with Winter … Continue reading

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DC General Managers: The Not So Bold and Beautiful

The DC summer sports talk has been focused on two young arms, RG3 and Stephen Strasburg.  Nationals GM Mike Rizzo made the proclamation before the season started that Stephen Strasburg was going to be shutdown afer 160 innings while he continues … Continue reading

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